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3021 Liquid by Zinkete

"For an instant, close your eyes, imagine that you are traveling to a future where life takes place in Cosmos.

Everything is liquid, everything is changeable.

You can be who you want to be and love (or not) whomever you want to.

A place where there are no differences of any kind. There are no classifications of any kind.

And there you are: feeling at peace with yourself because you no longer have to pretend anything that you are not: 

we are all the same, we are floating particles in space...


I wrote this text for this piece as a reflection of how I imagine the future focusing on the human being 1000 years from now. I visualize the laws of nature will not be the same they used to be, everything is fluid: time, space, and gender. Therefore, all human beings will be whoever they want to be, wherever they want to be, and whenever they want to be. 

This piece is inspired by all the futuristic animes such as Ghost in the Shell or Evangelion which make me think about the future of the human race. Their characters have bodies that range from almost entirely biological to almost entirely mechanical and they have to face their day-to-day problems as well as the most dangerous threats using the most advanced technology, sometimes unbelievable from our 21st-century mindset. 

When I did this piece I imagined myself as Fry from Futurama flipping out about all the technology I presume will exist in the incoming centuries."

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