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The most exquisite NFT marketplace

After 8 months of hard work, we are so happy to make you discover our curated NFT marketplace built on Polygon.


Fumigene is an art agency that was created in early 2020 by Amel Alem Art Agent from Paris, France. She worked mostly with contemporary painters & sculptors with playful and colorful artworks and organised many exhibitions with hotel groups such as Barriere, Evok and law firms such as DLA Piper. At the same time, she started working with digital artists to propose to them branding collaborations and immersive exhibitions and always wanted to do more with digital art that’s how she decided to create her own NFT platform. 

During 3 months, she contacted all the digital artists she loved and proposed them her project and 52 said yes. They have been on her side ever since and followed all the evolution of the project and showed her great support. She built this platform for them and the love of their artworks. All the artists invited create unique pieces that she always validates before the minting process to assure NFT collectors of the high quality of all digital artworks.

Amel tried to find the best solution to have an easy to use and free marketplace for the artists and finally chose Polygon network and Biconomy / Hyphen cross chain bridge to allow the possibility of users to pay in ETH and swap automatically for Matic token.

For now, the marketplace offers fixed price items but many features will come in the future such as auction, phygital items & NFT exhibitions.

Fumigene’s team is composed of Amel Art agent Founder & CEO, Loic CTO and Philippine CFO that you can reach on our Discord
We hope that you will enjoy Fumigene NFT Art Gallery, all the artists and their NFTs !

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