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Swirls of Joy by Jakub Spacek

“Originally from Prague Czech Republic, I started as a self-taught visual effects artist with a passion for design. During my studies of architecture, industrial design and interactive graphics I was progressing as a freelance artist and eventually moved to London.

My passion is to create beautiful and pleasing visual effects that artistically represent abstract real-world phenomena. Working with mystery and imagination is my key approach to creating astonishing art pieces.

Swirls of Joy and Mists of Joy represent some of my initial experimentation with Neuroaesthetics. Quite a fresh discipline investigating the effects of art on the brain. In my approach I am focusing on how animation and it's specific properties like motion can impact our immediate and hopefully long-term mood and feelings.

The goal of these explorations is to deliver positive, relaxing and almost meditative experience by finding the right format and artistic style. 

Swirls of Joy are aimed to deliver more energetic and vibrant experience while still providing the intended positive and relaxing feedback in our mind. 

As for the Mists of Joy the aim was to immediately balance our focus and create a spacious feeling for our ever-busy minds. "

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