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Wayne Ellis, Wave Fractal

“I am a self taught audio visual and projection mapping artist from Cape Town, South Africa, best known for my creations at Modem Festival, Boom Festival and AfrikaBurn. I developed an audio visual style which mixes realities inspired by my shamanic experiences.

My exclusive piece “Wave Fractal” is the result of combining the motion of ocean waves with fractal geometry.  I was exploring a colorful fractal landscape one day and I positioned the camera over a structure which reminded me of ocean waves.

It reminds me of my time in Bali, Indonesia flying a drone over the ocean to have a birds eye view of the formation of the waves. 

I now sensed a resonance between the waves of Bali and this fractal landscape and this inspired me to use style-transfer deep learning to paint the fractal textures onto the motion of the waves allowing the viewer to experience both phenomena at once.”

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