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Fredrik V Thelander, Cityscape

“I am a freelance motion designer and editor based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I started to post animations on Instagram in 2019 since then I’ve been offered many new job opportunities based on my videos which have been great. 

My personal videos are more than often a composite between filmed footage and animation.  This piece is inspired by tv-series and movies from the mid 80’s especially Miami Vice. 

There was often a sequence in the middle of an episode where the main characters (Crockett & Tubbs) just drove around in the city without purpose. This is a pastiche of that kind of driving-around-sequence, where there isn't a storyline but just a feel good character driving around in the city. 

This production consists of live footage and character animation composited together. The main footage was filmed on a bridge connecting two inner city islands in Stockholm. I found it very hard to hold the car on the ledge and almost dropped it in the water a couple of times while filming. 

I wanted to give the character an 80’s look with hard sprayed hair, red leather gloves with a thin mustache and a stunned face which is very funny. 

My aim with all my videos is to make myself and the viewer smile and I’m excited for this video to be my first drop at Fumigene!”

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